Thursday, December 25, 2008

ma homies

Man. You guys are having an AGM + going to Penang and I can go for neither. Man.

Oh. This is Julie. The one who went to KL Pac with us.

And this is my dear Pastor Steven. :)

Oh yea I must tell you about this shirt I'm wearing. It's a Christmas gift from my sisters. They heard me talking about a shirt like this and so.. Yea.

But the thing is, it was a bit big for me, so I asked them whether I could go and change it. It was only after a long stare from the sisses that I realised it was drawn by them. AWESOME HEY? The "Love Your Trams" badges were used to cover the stupid Baleno logo. So ugly.

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Lee Chien said...

i like your shirt, very nice!!

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