Monday, January 19, 2009

g6 reunion 2009

Finally, a normal post with photos. It was spontaneous. Just a Facebook invitation and VOILA! Unfortunately I forgot to call a few people.

That's Theng Wei's camera.

Nagen has gone through lots of racial abuse with us. HAHA! We love you la..


We thought it'd be funny, but we forgot how Indian films last forever. It was a good experience though! For the first time we felt how Nagen has always felt, entering a cinema hall packed with a race other than our own. It was.. Different.

We wasted 3 hours watching that silly movie okay.. But dinner and dessert was good.

But the highlight of the day was during the end of our lil' rendezvous. We decided to stare at the ceiling at Mid Valley's centre court and see whether others will follow suit. Due to the lack of success, we decided to form a queue right in front of the stage.

Noone came to line up with us, but there was a father who told his son that he has to line up. For what, I do not know.

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