Saturday, March 7, 2009

with you

We had our VERY late breakfast at Centre Place today. Ate at Lorca cuz it was one of the very few places that actually had a table available.

Food wasn't bad, but the air con above my head kept dripping water onto the table. :s

And all these things happening on that busy lane just exploded my mind with inspiration. I'm angry okay. That stupid photographer had TWO D300's on his left shoulder, and 1 D3 (or D700) on the right. And heaven knows what's in that gigantic bag of his. Ke-jealous-an.

Also, I found this lying on the road. Extremely dusty, but was in a good condition. I stood there. The car plate number right behind it had my initials. Now, choose one of the following options and tag:

a) Wei Xiong took the guitar
b) Wei Xiong played with it and put it back on the ground
c) Wei Xiong smashed it hard on the road cuz he always wanted to do that
d) Wei Xiong just ignored it and left


Melvin Foong said...

I like to silly face one.

You took back the guitar, didn't you?

wei xiong said...

haha thanks..

erm.. i'll leave you guys in curiosity. haha.

chickenluck said...

You left?

wei xiong said...

oo! another newbie! welcome!

hmm... maybe? :) wait for it...

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