Sunday, April 12, 2009

here we go

Times are getting harder, the riddle more complicated, the organiser packed, the heart heavier, the boat rockier, and I don't know why.

I wanna fill this blog with my inspirations and thoughts, but none seem to be capable of translating themselves into text. The good ol' friend, for some reason, is kept in his box, nicely awaiting his next assignment, but to his dismay, I haven't picked him up.

We play a bit here, fiddle some there, but for what cause?

My sail has fallen, I've lost my bearings, but I'm so darn excited I can't explain. The problem of having problems makes me happy I'm alive, for I know not what is coming. Something good, that's for sure, but thank God I'm not awaiting for that next dull, numb and fading heartbeat.

Let's see where I go from here.

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