Friday, May 15, 2009

jogja, revisited..

I realised I didn't talk much about Jogja. What happened was that my sister won a vacation for 2, and I guess we didn't expect much out of it. The grand prize was ROME, for goodness' sake!

But when we arrived, we were STUNNED by this beautiful hotel, hidden among old shophouses and roadside stalls. Put me there again, I wouldn't be able to find it for you.

The fish! OMG! There're so many of em, you just feel grossed out, imagining how it would feel like if you fell into the pond! Beautiful, nonetheless.

I guess, without realising it, we got cheated PLENTY of times. But who cares? EVERYTHING WAS SO CHEAP! The horse ride there, I reckon, is a digit less than what Melbourne would charge you!

The hotel had the most amazing pool! I didn't get much of a dip in there because my sister failed to wake me up in the morning. :( The pool side cafe was ABSOLUTELY 100% ROMANTIC! They had these individual tables set out at random spots around this jungle forest-looking pool setting, under cozy lil' gazebo's, and MAN DID I WISH ALICIA WAS THERE!

We got so much more from what we expected, and free meals ALL THE WAY!

It was definitely an eye-opener.

Please go there if given the opportunity! But definitely choose Rome over it, k?

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