Thursday, May 21, 2009


As you've probably seen, I'm pretty well known for making skinny's look loose.

Well, here's a testimony that'll prove the miraculous, defying all sense of logic. And looseness.

I was enjoying a foggy autumn's noon with Alicia, walking to Taste of Asia, Lygon Street, for a quick lunch.

It is customary for me to waste that hour with Alicia by taking 30 mins away in the toilet, somehow my bowels set their alarms at 1pm.

After ordering the famous Hainanese Chicken Rice, I asked to be excused to reacquaint myself with 2 days worth of pasta.

It was long and foul. I even had to take out my precious Blackberry to sms Alicia, "I'm still going, so sorry. Promise I'll eat quick"

After flushing twice (yes, the volume was overwhelming), I washed my hands (with soap, mind you) and gobbled down my lunch, only to find that I've lost my Blackberry holster (the case la).

I searched all over, even went to the toilet twice to check, but to my horror, it was gone. I was so devastated, searching frantically on ebay for a new one, but China hasn't received the blueprints yet.

I then had an evil plan, but to CUT THE LONG AND SMELLY STORY SHORT, I went home searching for Taste of Asia's number, but being Asians, they do not pay for online advertising at all.

At the brink of mental breakdown, I walked out of my room to get some fresh air, only to feel something strange creeping up my ankle.

YES, you've guessed it, gross Wei Xiong had his Blackberry holster clinging for his life on my supposed skinny Levi's, surviving through miles of cycling and walking (I'm serious, I went to QV, talked to the people at Three, called Three, met and talked to Ming Xian, etc..).

I would therefore like to thank the awesome One up there for making my skinny jeans actually worth buying, and always coming through for me.

I would also like to dub thee.. SKINNIES!


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