Sunday, June 28, 2009

been dry

I am without inspiration.

Not so much of blogging but of photography. Everything's the same ol', nothing's new. Makes me wonder what I've really been blogging about the past months.

Oh I didn't get Chase Jarvis' iPhone.

Off on my 2 week farm placement tomorrow. Gotta wake up around 6am so I reckon I'm hitting the sack pretty soon. Still contemplating on bringing annoyance. What do you guys think? I wonder if the swine flu gets to cameras.

Well, at least I'm going to Auckland end of July. It's gonna be awesome, fresh new material everywhere. But not really wishing it'd come by fast as the very next day of coming back from NZ is the first day of semester 2!

Wish me luck with the animals. It's gonna be 2 full weeks of endless train rides. To Dandenong, to be exact.

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TW said...

HEY,dandenong is not the trainstop RIGHT AFTER CLAYTON like u said? dandenong isnt near...hahaha. melb is still a great city! auckland is sorta relaxing and less asians! the interesting part is meeting people and such, great great great!

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