Thursday, June 4, 2009

i am not a photographer..

..until I step into a darkroom and command it.

I'm serious. I found this old school flash and a B&W film that expired in 1980 at Camberwell market for $4. I plan to use that film only when I have access to a darkroom and fully understand the concept of printing them with my hands.

For this series, I was using an expired film from 2008(I think), and I was amazed with the results! It's my first time using a "non C-41" film (Big W can't print em, it's done in a darkroom). A Rollei Retro 100, made in Germany. I was skeptical about shooting at ISO100, but that didn't seem to be a problem at all with the prints!


For the first time I saw Melbourne in a new light.


-seokie- said...

sangat sangat cantik. =)

wei xiong said...

terima kasih byk2.. :)

Alvin said...

good to hear that u see melbourne in a new light. Maybe u can share that light with us more often hey?

wei xiong said...

er.. ikea very cheap oni..

Hilmi Ramlan said...

this is just brilliant xiong. nicely done ;)

TW said...

waaa cantiknya gambr mu,ku cintai!

*this daisy said...


wei xiong said...

hilmi: thanks, you've always been uber encouraging.. :) how's you, actually?

tw: gambar ke, aku?

julia: tqtq.. haven't heard from you for the longest time! you good?

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