Wednesday, June 3, 2009

melbourne has been gloomy lately

And that's not helping.

It's sad really, how it's still exams that get the best (or worst) out of me. It's the time when everything's amplified, whether it's stress, emo-ness or even hype.

Why is it still something I struggle most with? In my heart of hearts I believe that shouldn't be, being warriors CALLED to do greater things.

If even exams can't be dealt with courageously, swiftly, and with great confidence, I wonder what He'd trust with my hands.

After almost 20 years of taking exams, I believe that's really not where life's at. I'm not saying it shouldn't be prioritised, NO! We should be EXCELLING in it! Be the best. But there's more..

It's really sad to have to turn down catch up's at my favourite cafe's. Haha.


TW said...

looking at your photos, I really won't realise you were that guy from


Alvin said...

you know what, being a warrior means we can do anything. it's a choice. one we have to make. And you my brother, need to make it. No one else can help you. so STOP mopping around and get it over and done with. BE A MAN! You're a warrior and a brother on my left, so ACT like one! haha

wei xiong said...

haha i hope it's for the better

wei xiong said...

i had to mop! i pour coconut milk on the floor.. :(

Ern Chee said...

dont need to feel bad, just ask God to help u. then u dont have to try.

wei xiong said...

still have to try, no?

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