Wednesday, July 22, 2009

just the city for now

I had a good day, walked to the city, caught a train to Newmarket and then a bus to Ponsonby. Then I walked home. Unlike Melbourne, the transportation network is not as extensive, so you can't opt to "tram home".

I had this for breakfast. I'm still not sure why.

Then, I spotted Wendy's. Since it doesn't exist in Melbourne, I thought it was worth a try.

Well it wasn't.

The architecture here is quite fascinating, especially the modern ones.

Britomart is the main train station. Audi did a photoshoot there before, it's beautiful! The outside is not AS attractive, since I have Flinders to compare it to.

What's weird was that the traffic lights took AGES to change. BUT, once the peds are good to go, all four sides of the intersection goes green, and everyone just scrambles across the road. It was weird. I was staying within the lines.

But it's true, there's not much to do here.

Thankfully, I'm going SKIING TOMORROW! Have to leave at 4 or 5am! Then the day after, we're going to Rotorua for hot springs, luge, and HOPEFULLY (but quite unlikely) ZORBING!

Oh, and I had the most amazing Malaysian food experience outside Malaysia for dinner!

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