Saturday, August 15, 2009

food review: mycube cafe

A good friend of mine, Ching Ching, asked me to do an advert on my blog for MyCube Cafe. What I liked about the deal was that she allowed me to be honest, which, in my opinion, is really important for a review.

Many of you might have heard of this place, it's the SETTLER'S CAFE of Melbourne, and offers tonnes of boardgames while you eat. They mainly serve Malaysian cuisine, and the prices are reasonable.

To eat, I had the GON LOU WANTAN MEEN..

It was above average, I must say, and I gobbled down the whole thing thinking I just had char siu, but in fact, that was CHICKEN MEAT made to look like CHAR SIU.


And to drink, I had the MILO GODZILLA, which is supposed to be a mutation of the MILO DINOSAUR (which is also served there).

It was VERY frustrating at first, as I kept choking on the Milo powder. Then I realised I needed to stir it in.


Which made the drink a pretty delicious treat! It was a gigantic cup!

I also went with Tung and Alicia, if not quite sad also right, go alone..

Tung had Mui Fan, which is kinda like a RICE version of WAT DAN HOR!

Alicia had the assam laksa, and although the soup was just slightly diluted, we really enjoyed it as we thought that type of noodles was extinct in Melbourne.

Yeap, they actually use the real assam laksa noodles!

We also had something really interesting for dessert, the PANDA NINJA (green tea flavoured).

It's actually a Panna Cotta, but Malaysianised into a variety of flavours, including pandan and black sesame. This one is a winner!

Of course, our itchy hands had to do something to that lonely pack of Uno sitting at a corner, desperately yelling out to us to shuffle him!

All in all, we had fun, AND filled our stomachs. Do check it out, then maybe head to Freddo's BECAUSE IT'S FINALLY BEEN REOPENED!


Cedric Ang said...

Why your WB so .. off one?

Cedric Ang said...


wei xiong said...

Haha I AGREE, don't worry.

What I didn't add in the review was that that place totally sucks for photog.. :p

hehe.. terrible (or non existent) lighting..had to get them to turn the lights a little brighter, bit still no use..

S1mon said...

u should try their beef rendang, that's quite a good one for the price u pay... i guess

Cedric Ang said...

Thats why they invented strobes

Alvin said...

hahaha Strobes for a rest review? that would just annoy everyone else who's trying to eat there. A good photographer would just make use of whatever is given there, and make the most of it. bringing a big flash gun around doesn't mean anything! ;)

Cheers mate!

WX: Good job. Now, think you can do one of MOMO? I'm thinking of blessing Robin. Can? I'll go on as part of our webby as well. let me know what you think.

wei xiong said...

Haha thx alvin

Moreover, it's not like I've got the cash to even buy a flash to strobe around

But thanks for the comments cedric

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