Monday, August 3, 2009

supreme search

So I went to Ponsonby by bus from Newmarket for one reason and one reason only - to find SUPREME COFFEE.

It's by far one of my favourite brands of coffee beans here in Melbourne, but I was never able to find it anywhere for purchase other than to experience it at cafes. When I found out that it was a Kiwi brand, I was eager to find its Auckland headquarters.

Good One.

That was the name of the headquarters (cum cafe). To my dismay, they were closing up.

I thought I would've had a good hour to sit down and have a sip or 2 before I got the beans, but they closed at 4. I told them about my pilgrimage, and they were able to grant me my beany wish. I got 3 packs, but one for my cousin.

Right now, Boxer's sitting in my grinder hopper and I've been enjoying it every morning. Not the best I've made at home though, I still think Coffee Snobs has stolen my heart with its Ethiopian Harrar. Anyway, that's pretty much all I did in Ponsonby.

But I was happy. Like a boy with a new choo choo toy.

The mountains should be up next.

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