Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finally. Spring.

WOOHOO, a nice sunny day it was. After lunch I decided to bask in the sun for a while and go for a quick dip. I was definitely not going to bring my Blackberry, nor was I going to bring Annoyance down. So I brought..

My good ol' N95. Ok, maybe not so good anymore.

I forgot just how well its camera can perform, despite the constant abuse it went through. As you can tell by the big dirty masking tape on its back, this phone did not enjoy a good life, but being a forgiving phone, it has never held a grudge against me for the torture I put it through, and still served me well as a GREAT point and shoot.

Okay, a bit late for the "jump" shot.

Below would be my favourite photo from the bunch.

Thanks, Nokia, for being a great "waterproof", "shockproof" and "sunblocklotionproof" camera.


Kok Ming said...

The pool is so clean and inviting.

TW said...

i know u like stuf to be worned out and "seasoned" but hey!

wei xiong said...

Kok Ming:

Well, it's really not THAT clean, since it's open air and right beside the MAIN ROAD!

TW: only certain stuff, my friend, certain stuff! haha.

Cedric Ang said...

yee .. got tummy already.

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