Wednesday, October 7, 2009

[1] day of spring

Who watched [500] Days of Summer? I thought Marc Webb was an ABSOLUTE genius, despite it being his first full feature film. From locations, to editing, to colour schemes, EXCELLENT.

I found a similar bench (not really, but yea) during a walk in the park, and thought I'd share it with you guys.

Go watch it, if you haven't already.


threwskish said...

i love that movie! i wrote a blog on it as well. greaat movie. how do i follow you on blogspot? i have so few followers and i'm following few people only. -val

*this daisy said...

(500) Days was absolutely WONDERFUL. every single shot was... zomg so cinematic and scenic! love it love it love it! they didn't use HD cameras, but used big film cameras instead. my day is always brightened when i find that someone else loved the movie as well. :)

wei xiong said...

threwskish: I think there should be a "FOLLOW BLOG" button at the very top of the page!

*this daisy: YES, i really liked it.. like every single part.. would love to be involved in something like that in the future man!

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