Monday, November 2, 2009

cafe vue

After the test on Friday, I just wanted to take a stroll in the city. I always love discovering new things, and somehow this city never fails to magically lead me to new places.

Little Collins Street - I thought I've seen it all. I've always heard about this cafe, but never really knew where it was. That day I walked in, the door possibly opened only to about 15-18 inches wide.

I thought it would've been really expensive, but I was about to be really surprised by the menu.

As some of you might now, its big brother, VUE DE MONDE, is voted one of the BEST restaurants in AUSTRALIA.

I ordered the Yorkshire Pudding with Wagyu Beef, Gravy and Mash.

It was $8.50.


Not $18.50.


Wagyu Beef.


The breakfast menu has to be one of the cheapest I've ever seen, having nothing above $6.50! I didn't even bother trying the coffee, though!

You see, it's really very simple
Cuz what I saw was Illy
On my face formed a dimple
To try? No, NOT REALLY

And being an environmentally conscious business, the straws would, of course, be made of PAPER.

That was officially my first paper straw.

I usually don't like telling people where the treasure is on the map, obviously more business = price hike.

But I think you need to go there. Now.

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