Monday, November 16, 2009

on my street


shengmae said...

Simply breath-taking. :)

wei xiong said...

thanks, shengmae..

have had "nice", "amazing", "awesome", "WAHLAO", but never really took anyone's breath away before. :)


KiNn said...

Haha, awesome awesome!! Been up with studies lately. Yeah! i guess we would have a bunch of mutual friends. :D I must say everyone in melbourne is kinda linked one way or another! :D I met theng wei at a urban life meeting. I was in melbourne last july till aug. :)

Sarah said...

oh my gosh i LOVE LOVE LOVE those 2 photos! totally top-selling-postcard-worthy. hahaha.

ehh why have i never seen those views before? :(

wei xiong said...

KiNn: haha cool man, come again!

Sarah: thanks.... :) err i'll tell you next time.. hee hee..

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