Friday, November 6, 2009


Yes, the sunlight was too perfect to not pose for it.

Was listening to TD Jakes' podcast this morning, every word hit my heart.

" sittin' there in that seat, you ain't even thinking NOTHIN' about it fallin', you TRUST it! You put your whole weight in it. You didn't look up on it or nothin', because you TRUST it to hold you up! God said if you can trust something made by man.."

I think you can figure the rest.


KiNn said...

This is amazing dude, the light streaks from your blinds, the composition of the picture. Couldn't agree more with your quote from TD Jake either.

Cuddlefish said...

OMG U N YI KINN NOE EACH OTHER. freaking small world... anyways I second that.. lemme just like this on fb now..


Alvin said...

OMG! I listened to the same msg today!!!

wei xiong said...


thanks man! oh you know td jakes?? :)


YO MAN how are you doing? still studying? anyway, no la, dunno him, but the internet's an amazing thing. haha!



KiNn said...

Haha, actually i have never listened to him, but i know of him because he spoke about obama's win during the elections.

Yeap power of internet. Lol should have thought of meeting you when i attended planet shakers in melbourne. :D

smashpOp said...

OMFG WHERE IS THIS???? YOUR ROOM???? WHY SO FKN NICE? I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA BE THERE... :( bring it back to kl pls

wei xiong said...

KiNn: i think we have a few mutual mates! do you go to a church in moscow? when was your last time here?

smashpOp: your photos will come soon. haha.

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