Friday, February 5, 2010

haute - pronounced ōt or oht

On Wednesday, Christine and Julia brought us to this place at Plaza Damas - The Haute Food Co. for lunch.

I would've easily missed its humble entrance, with simple tables and chairs arranged outside, and only about 3 tables inside. Once you've entered, you're bound to be greeted by a friendly lady behind the counter, with a small troop of helpers who looked like family.

I loved the window and all that was displayed behind it. Tins of cookies, bags of coffee beans, a small chalkboard tempting hungry souls to take a step inside.

It reminded me a little bit of Sugardough, Melbourne. Usually I would put a link on Sugardough, but since Photobucket is being a pain, linking it would not do anyone any good.

We all had sandwiches. They were served on wooden boards, and salad was served on the side.

The sandwiches, however, reminded me of Switchboard. Portions were a tad tiny, but it's just like any typical AUSSIE cafe. The winner would have to be the chicken, mayo and basil sandwich (third sandwich photo above). Christine only permitted me with one bite, I was even punished for picking her crumbs.

This raspberry thingy Christine had was AMAZING too! Didn't taste anything like what those wannabe cafes would make!

NOW. Genovese. Melbournians would've heard of this brand. For the first time in Malaysia, it was served in a true latte glass. NOT THOSE TALL NONSENSE COFFEE BEAN TRIES TO CHEAT YOU WITH. Flavour was good, but the foam was far too little, which was a bit disappointing. Latte art? Could've done better. Definitely beats BSC's Espressamente Illy! I'm still not sure where it stands between Coffee Ritual and Pavilion's Illy. I would love to give it another try, hopefully when they're less busy.

The sticky date pudding? Well let's just say Alexis can balik kampung. IT WAS HEAVENLY. Fresh from the baking tray, we just couldn't have enough of the hot & cold experience in our mouths.

I am very glad there's a place like this to go to in KL. It's a breath of fresh air, girly girls will love this spot. It's VERY Aussie, which means you pay about RM10 for a very good serve of sandwiches, but you'll definitely need something to bite after a couple of hours.

Thanks, Li, for taking the photos.

Visit their website here.


*this daisy said...

definitely won't last till dinner time, for sure. HAHAHA. zomg our attempt at making each other jealous through food and text and YOUR FATHER'S MMS! hahaha.

it's such a pretty cafe. <3 yummy food! everything was good.

i had a great time with you guys, and Friends after that. :D can't wait till our sleepover. until then, i'll see you during CNY, where notty little boy brandon awaits. :P

*this daisy said...

and darn, he captured the KELUAR sign with your camera, too. hahaha.

Christine said...

i'm glad y'all enjoyed what the cafe had to offer. i love that place, i've been going back there like at least once/twice a week! haha, it was ju's first time as well. lets go again! :D :D

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