Thursday, April 8, 2010

having a blast

I'm having a blast at PLANETSHAKERS CONFERENCE! Boo to me who used to think Planetshakers was just a hype, back when I was in Malaysia watching the YouTube videos.

Of course, I can't post up any photos so I thought I'd let you see this one, taken at the "H" of Hisense Arena.

TD Jakes was KER-RAYZEE!! He's so packed with revelation the moment he starts speaking you know God's doing an amazing work.

I feel SO SO honoured to be serving as a photographer, SO PRIVILEGED. Partly because I WAS THE CLOSEST TO TD JAKES DURING THE WHOLE SERMON! Haha.

The morning sessions with John Bevere and Reggie Dabbs were amazing as well, Reggie can really make me cry like a baby.



Alvin said...

haha lets sit closer to him tmr nite! haha

and I know how you feel man! just look at it was and idea only 2 weeks before conf and now it's got over 20,000 ppl reading every single post we put up!

hannsze said...

hey bro! where can we see the pictures of the conference?

would love to see what i missed!

wei xiong said...

alvin: muahaha only thing i got from the blog is D90 rox

hannsze: the website alvin up there has put up has SOME photos. :)

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