Wednesday, May 5, 2010

365 days too late

The 7 hour lecture wasn't too bad this time, managed to stay awake and concentrate. Amazing what a good night's sleep does to you.

Nothing felt better than walking home on the wet pavement with Banana Pancakes playing in my ears, as I looked up Melbourne's grey sky this evening.

Final assignment, here we go. 4 more quizzes till the final showdown.

And you'd be like, you mean 10 in a semester, or a year?


J Huynh said...

They should have 'like' buttons on blogs!

& Goodluck on your exams :)

wei xiong said...

hee hee, i still think the good ol' comments system is the best!

thanks jess

celine said...

hello weixiong!

nice blog..and awesome picturess=)

soon to be neighbour

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