Monday, June 21, 2010


Thought I'd write something here without any photos, since I've got stuff to say but no time to shoot.

I was looking into the mirror after my shower, and I noticed something unusual about myself.

My cheek bones were extra visible.

I went to the weighing scale, lo and behold, I lost weight.

You thought it wasn't possible right? Any skinnier I'd fall through the slits into the sewage. But yea, our God is the God of impossibles. Haha. I've been having fluctuating appetites, and each time i sit down for a meal, I start thinking about my papers and eat less.

Oh yea, and I didn't know stress can give you a smooth ride in the loo too. OH YEA, it was smooth. Way too smooth, almost like everything that goes in comes out through a water slide.

Okay, enough about that. I just wanted to tell you that there is a God. Believe me. I've never gotten so much inside info on exams before, and the best thing is, it works each time.

Once upon a time, when I only had 4 papers, it was hard to tell. "Well, maybe I got lucky. Maybe it was obvious that this was gonna be in the exam"

WOOHOO it's not luck man, luck won't do you any good. Everytime I say, "I'll be counting on Ya, You better make sure this is right"

And HE HAS NOT FAILED ME. I've had 7 papers now. 2 more to go. Trust me, I know how amazing this God is when it comes to TIPS. That's right, forget about KASTURI SEMINARS, this is the deal right here.

Okay, better be going back to my slides. See ya in a bit! And hopefully by then, I would already have gained those few pounds I've lost.

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