Sunday, July 4, 2010

probably one of the best days so far

It was Teck's birthday, and we had a FEAST at Brighton.

6 of us had 3 dozens of oysters, 1 huge sashimi platter, then 4 regular platters, 2 plates of unagi, 2 plates of takoyaki (YUMM), 7 bowls of miso soup, one huge bowl of seafood soup, 1 plate of fried chicken, 2 plates of tempura (SO GOOD), 2 big bowls of beef salad (sounds bleh but it's pretty good too!), 1 plate of teriyaki chicken, a bowl of ice cream each and a plate of fruits.

THAT'S A LOT OF FOOD! And you order as you go, so it's fresh each time. Unlike the steamboat buffet at Sunway, kinda gross.

We were SOOO full after that...

We also had a pathetic lil' cupcake for Teck (sorry I was in a rush), but I thought it was an AWESOME dinner, I didn't get sick of the food at all, just went on and on and on and....

Oh, dad just arrived form Malaysia, and look what I got! :)

There are 2 other designs, so watch out for it. They are the same designs as the t-shirts I made this semester.

Oh and I got introduced to the game, SETTLERS. Played with the custom made version, proudly produced by the great BEATRICE from labthreeofive. I HAD SO MUCH FUN, but lost so badly. :(

Now I don't feel so sad that everyone's in Sydney and I'm not. HAHA!

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