Saturday, January 29, 2011


Didn't take a lot of photos this time around, I'm having a lot of shoulder aches already. But Taiwan is really beautiful.

九份 (JiuFen) was breathtakingly beautiful, especially with the fog. But we didn't really enjoy the weather that day.

This waterfall is known for its golden rocks!

My first time (I think) seeing the pacific ocean. They call it the YIn Yang Ocean, because you can see that it's yellow near the shore and blue further to the horizon. It's SOOO different from the South China Sea okay, GILER CANTIK!

Enjoying tea brewing/drinking at 阿妹茶樓 (Ah Mei Tea House) during the rain.

Weirdly enough, my PERSONAL highlight of the trip - accidentally bumping into the Taiwanese version of Robert Indiana's LOVE sculpture. I can't wait to take photos of all the different ones in the world.

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