Saturday, April 2, 2011

manchester press

It was a mere 2 weeks old when I visited.

I had the Monday morning off, and a relaxed brekkie/stroll in the city was very much called for.

Tucked away in Rankins Lane was the smell of freshly ground coffee and an open warehouse shutter calling out to you.

Service was excellent (maybe because I was early and noone else was really there yet), but the place soon got busier.

Food was EXCELLENT, I had this chorizo bagel which I couldn't finish. I hope the portions don't get smaller as they get more popular.

And I discovered the tranquility of newspaper reading. Although classes in the afternoon was 30km away, that didn't bother me too much. Thus, a fantastic start to the week.


Ern Chee said...

soooo niiiceeeeeee!! bring meee!!!!

wei xiong said...

sure..come la!

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