Sunday, February 19, 2012

valentine's in the skies

It's almost a tradition for us to not celebrate valentine's on the day itself. It's either cuz we're too busy or that things are just too expensive.

So I made a reservation for 2 at Movida WEEKS before, for Feb 19th.

But when I got my uni schedule for the week, it seemed pretty relaxed, so I told her I could go down to the city. We initially planned just to cook dinner at her place. Then, one thing led to another, and I made last minute reservations (on the day itself) for dinner, and rushingly got movie tickets for 2, without even knowing what movie was on. I even got her a concession ticket by mistake.

It turned out it was a movie about a stray cat... She's horrified by cats.

Dinner was nice, although we were late. Traffic was really bad in the city on Valentine's.

After wolfing down our creme brulee we rushed for the movie. It turned out to be a full blown valentine's day celebration, for the first time, on the day it self.

Beautiful night!

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