Saturday, May 19, 2012

soft boiled eggs from the enamel mug

I guess life is REALLY like that game we used to play in camps, where a few people lie on chairs in a circle, with their heads rested on each other's laps. Then the chairs are removed and the "structure" remains strong. Remember that game?

It was only a few days after my parents left that I realised how much of a mess my house already was. I indulged in the home-cooked food left by mom till it ran out, then it was back to the 15 minute express student meals.

The soft-boiled eggs I still make in the mornings are just a reminder of mom's love, of when I used to sit on the last step of the stairs, wearing my socks for school. And she prays,' ...sanctify this food for the nourishment of our bodies, in Jesus' name, Amen,' and a teaspoon full of golden goodness lands in my mouth while I hastily put my freshly washed white shoes on. How can we live without family?

They keep us going, they keep us strong, they keep us safe. The countless times I've seen my mom in the bedroom, praying so hard for us during our exam periods, nothing beats a mother's prayers. Spending thousands to fly to where we are, with a recently ruptured knee, and all she wanted to do was to cook and clean so we feel just a tad bit more at home, even if it was just for 2 weeks.

I do realise this photo kinda makes my mom look like a smoker, but trust me, she hates the ciggies, the bottles, and the narcs. She's probably just saying, 'Wow, it's plastic!' Ok maybe not, probably more like, 'We should have this at home.' So thank you mom for raising us, and loving us. Stay happy, and stay healthy. I love you. Blessed ultra-BELATED Mother's day.

Love, your son.

 p.s. Don't be jealous dad, there are tonnes of things to say about you too.

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Kok Ming said...

Mum says very touched. You sure know me well.

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