Monday, December 24, 2012

travelling solo

I guess you could look at it this way - we were all at the starting line together, we ran the race together, but everyone finished differently.

There's something about travelling alone, and I can't point my finger at it. I guess it's the need to rely on yourself, and to depend on those who are genuine. It takes no time before you find out the people who are there for you (and those who are not). It gives you plenty of time, being alone, to think - about the good, the not-so-good, and everything else in between.

Anyway, back to the race I was talking about. I guess what I'm trying to say is that on my trip to Singapore this time, I hopped into the lives of some old friends for very brief periods, and finally felt that I was not 18 anymore. Everyone was in different stages of their lives, and here I was, only at the beginning of it all.

He got married, and I was really happy for him. I felt honoured to be part of his day, his speech, and his life. We have not kept in touch terribly well, but it was like we were never apart. We caught up on the lost years very quickly, and it was like the old days.

It was great also to meet other "long lost" friends at the wedding, and the new ones at the table.

Then there was him who went out of his way to fill in the gaps of this very short trip. It was also like we were never apart, and I cherish friendships like these. As tired as we were after a full day, it was hard to sleep when you're in the same room with a joker like him. The next day, we fooled around with the Giotto before he showed me around town. I am looking forward to do the same crazy things again when it's his turn to come.

And finally, there was her. I'm glad every free minute in this trip was filled, and the final hour was indeed special. I honestly cannot remember the last time we met, but then again, my memory has already started to fail me. We filled each other in on what's been going on with our lives over her staple meal, and got some last minute things for the bus ride home. We wished each other a happy Christmas, and it was the end of my little trip.

I was never a big fan of Singapore, but I'd say this trip changed things. It was as short as it was sweet, unlike the bus ride home. But it did give me lots of time to ruminate about things, and I was actually very sad about leaving.

I guess I'll be going back soon.

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