Wednesday, December 24, 2008

a christmas carol

Having been stalking Chris Ling's facebook's photo albums, I've always been interested in watching one of his productions. However, it was always locked in my mind that I couldn't, cuz I'm away!

"Wait a minute... I'm home!", was what I thought on Sunday. I said to sis, "I WANNA WATCH THAT CHRISTMAS THINGY THINGY BY CHRIS LING!!!"

So on Monday, I got 7 tickets out of the 11 left for Tuesday. SMART. But as it turns out, we were actually pretty lucky to have even gotten tickets! Dad couldn't make it so Julie brought a friend. But stupid me forgot to take out the camera when Julie and friend came. Jaclyn. She has a name.

Row S. Please don't let it be last row, please don't let it be last row.

It was the 2nd last row. To make things worse, I got a chair that wasn't meant to be there in the first place, some kinda wedding dinner kinda caterer's chair that was placed there cuz it was just TOO PACKED!

Of course, while waiting for the show to start (or for julie to arrive, hehe), we camwhored.

I didn't take ANY photos during the production because they didn't let me. :( That sucked big time.

Get it? Suck. You see, I'm being sucked here into the.. Nevermind.

But anyway, it was a fantastic production. Especially loved Mr. Scrooge, OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE, extremely convincing. The other characters, unfortunately, were "so-so". I know I can't blame them, but it gets pretty frustrating when their accent goes haywire. Some tried too hard.

But all in all, I enjoyed it. Too bad Chris Ling didn't wanna sign our programme booklet. Haha!

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