Friday, February 13, 2009

kluang man

I'm safe and sound in Kluang.


What sound?

Kluang is just like Adelaide. Only about 10 times more sad. It's quiet, dark, and scary. Maybe it's only because I'm new here.

I'm blessed enough to be here now, and enjoy the wonder of wifi, but tomorrow onwards, I don't think I'll be this fortunate. If the institute does not have internet, Old Town Kopitiam is more than 10km away. I think it'll take me about, 1 year to walk there. HAHA!

It's funny. I'm in Kluang but not having a drink at Kluang Station, but at Old Town. :s

Haha, ok, there was some kopitiam at the station but it's closed now. Okay, so I'll be away for 10 days. Do miss me. Drop by if you feel like it.


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