Friday, March 20, 2009

since when

Since when did this boy from Kepong ever think about art in this form?

Reading blogs and vodcasts on successful artists, how they, against all odds, did what they were most passionate about just tickles my insides a tiny bit.

Working with film is a VERY new thing for me. I remember wanting to load the film into my dad's black ol' Canon when i was younger. But all I knew was that I had to press that faded red button, and the small lil' battery had to be changed form time to time. Watchin one of my cousins spending his whole time in the car blowing his camera with a black rubbery toy meant nothing to me.

But now it just grabs hold of me.

It overwhelms me.

Just 2 days with film has taught me plenty.

Only take what matters.

Thoroughly think about your actions, you're only given a few chances. When that's over, there's really nothing you can do. Make sure you're at the right place, at the right time, and that you do it right each time.


Not able to predict or review the outcome of your actions is one thing I usually cannot stand. But if you want cheap prints, you wait. :) And you wait. And you wait. If you rush into anything, you're gonna regret it. If the results are good, pat yourself on the back but never be contented. There is always room for improvement, space for learning.

While hunting the streets of Melbourne for bright lights and dashing trams, I was telling Theng Wei about how inspirational I thought Melbourne was. He couldn't disagree more, haha. It's all the little things you find at hidden corners of a deserted alley, the intriguing dressing of people whom you thought were weird before, but now you just find admirable. The effort people put into seeing their dreams finally standing right in front of their eyes, the grey and green crates that are stacked ever so perfectly on the sidewalk, the music that never stops drifting you away to your own land of clouds and meadows. The blue sky that never fails to cheer you up after a long day at uni, the occasional marriage proposals written in the sunny sky, the early mornings you get wet in while walking through mist that blankets you where ever you go. There's so much more, and you just can't fit them all into your thinking box, let alone understanding them. You just close your eyes, and let it take you away to your very own place of passion, love and wonder.

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