Monday, April 27, 2009

1 year warranty

"Ah, I'll just miss the tram. That's just my life."

Ever thought this way? I always do.

I've had countless incidences where I travel a long way to get something and the "CLOSED" sign hangs behind the window, do a lot of hard work on something and lose it all, get red lights right when I reach pedestrian crossings, pay more than everyone else for something, lose something small yet frustrating, the list goes on...

They might seem like petty unfortunate events, but if accumulated, can spoil anyone's day. Or even life, as some may think.

Am I the only one getting all this crap and having to worry about them, when everyone else's lives are just so perfect?

I chose to believe otherwise today. It's messing me up, and I should count my blessings, not the boo boo's.

Let's just hope it stays this way. Life's too good to be worrying about vacuum cleaners.


TW said...

be glad that u r psychic... u told me about the vacuum cleaner before this a million times

Alvin said...

do i wanna know about the vacuum cleaner? should i even ask?

wei xiong said...

nah nothing wrong with it la.. haha..

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