Wednesday, April 29, 2009

what is it about coffee?

I wonder who remembers this and this.

All photos taken with the Nokia N95. Amazing hor?

Well, it was there where I wrote this:

"Maybe it's the courage of that very first person, plucking those ugly green seeds, not knowing what its consequences would be, what impact it'd make to the world.

Maybe it's the patience of roasting, then waiting for 5 days till one can enjoy the perfect sip.

Maybe it's the magic of turning something so foul-looking into a cuppa so beautiful.

Maybe it's the precision of the texture & temperature of the milk that draws the sweetness out.

Maybe it's the idea of turning something seemingly hopeless into something the world can't live without.

That very first person dared - the very first shot pulled, black as coal, swallowed down his throat. The taste of a future, the taste of harmony, the taste of change.

Maybe it's that about coffee."

28 April 2009


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