Saturday, May 30, 2009

char koay teow

Not the best of my photos, but I present..

This was back in 2007, when my family and I visited beautiful PENANG! OMG I miss Penang.

I didn't own a DSLR back then, so these were taken with my Canon S2IS. CAN YOU BELIEVE THE DIFFERENCE? I know right.. It's crazy. Haha.

This is a photo of Pinky on the escalator. Prolly at Gurney Plaza.

This is Pinky celebrating the Yule-tide!

Pinky hailing a taxi at the Hotel.

And lastly, Pinky scaling the hotel.

Oh, G Hotel is absolutely amazing!


TW said...

the thing about exams and blogging is so true

Cheryl said...

Hello! i'm cheryl and I'm from Penang. and I just had to say I like this post of yours! I think I bought the exact same bear for my best friend's birthday a couple of years ago! LOL

wei xiong said...

tw: You said it! :)

Cheryl: Hi! Thanks for dropping by. YOU DID?! Mine was given to me 2 years ago as well. :) I thought it was the only one in the world. HAHA!

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