Tuesday, June 2, 2009

8.30AM. Sharp.

"Sorry, it's not opened yet"

The 2 girls halted immediately, but stood by the automatic glass doors for the clock to strike 8.30.

I was the first to arrive, and was surprised noone else was there before me. I guess Frank Tate really made a difference. I'm yet to visit that place. Call me old school, but I still prefer my north facing window with a view of bare trees on luscious green grass.

It was 8.27 and a few people are waiting with me now. I stood up to put my keys in my bag and to my surprise, a guy "kiasu-ly" stood up with me thinking that the doors were open. I sat back down and he slipped into an "I'm just standing by" mode.

It is sad, however, that most of the communal tables, the best ones, have been reserved for law students.

It's been a long time since I've been here, those were the good old Unilodge days.

Another librarian used here card to enter the library, and a group followed behind, rushing to find their favourite seats. I picked up my bag and followed behind, wanting a good seat for myself. I mean, that's the whole reason why I woke up at 7, right?

Let's hope the kiasu-ness doesn't get to me.

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