Wednesday, July 29, 2009

newmarket. south.

So after I was done with the city, I followed my cousin's advice and headed down to Newmarket from Britomart.

It's still old school hole-punchin' on paper tickets for em Kiwis, but I enjoyed the train ride.

I didn't do much at Newmarket, shopped a lil', had coffee, and then I was bored. The parallel imports shop caught my eye but its prices didn't.

And one thing I realised about the houses there is that THEY ALL LOOK LIKE BEACH HOUSES! I adore those ol' wooden structures, with a cozy room right at the front, despite the "living-rooms-right-after-entrance" stereotype. A big fluffy window seat where you can just curl up and daydream while resting your chin by the glass of the square window panel, watching the raindrops trickle. Okay I don't know what I'm talking about. This photo doesn't represent the really cute one I saw though..

I soon decided to take a bus to Ponsonby for my SUPREME search.


ninja said...

guy... know your pics via muffstitt and just wanted to tell you that i freaking love your photography!

wei xiong said...

Hey thanks! Appreciate your compliment! You've got a pretty cool blog going on there yourself!

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