Monday, August 24, 2009

catching up

YTF: How come I dont as 'keng' as my son during my uni days?
YTF: I mean How come I dont look as ...
Maybe cuz hair wax wasn't invented yet. The glasses are from those days anyway. :p

alicia: i really like the kissing pic! so sweet!!!
Sweeter than us? :)

tw: ppl also know me thru TWOFRONTTEETH leh,HAHAH
Sheer coincidence.

Shiyou: hahah i feel so good, i finally know someone famous! hahaha.
Don't get too happy. *Hrmmph*

tw: bbb uses st ali no?
Don't think they do anymore. Now it's Seven Seeds.

Annejo: Hello..first time that 2$ chain must be means a lot for him!!!
Annejo: dunno why I can't comment on your post.. I have to got a blogspot account first
Yea I did realise that. Sorry! Blogger's fault. Fo leave your comments here in the mean time! Cheers. :)

noelle: beef lasagne tonight!!! :D:D:D!!!! will save u 2 some! ;) XOX
What happened ar?

Ian: lygon st is wickedddd! :D you do bring melbourne to your blog readers in your pictures. excellent!
Haha thanks. Let me know if you ever come! Will bring you around.

tw: just realised ur style is a lot towards composition while I try to find light
Hmm, I guess? Maybe.. Maybe..

William: *SCREAMS*
Knocks on wall.

jomi: wah! strobist!
Tak berani, tak berani.

christine: i followed since day ONE! hehehe, the xanga days! lol!
Thank you sooo much! :) Comment more! Miss you guys.

Keane: Was thinking of the equipment question anonymous asked. You can make beautiful photos with anything!
Keane: Plus, everytime i re-see a picture, it's like seeing it for the first time! Cheers!
Wow, thanks! Appreciate that!

sarahwoo: freddo's is open again? YAY! :D

alicia: i feel like having the panda ninja again.... and i need to find the noodles!!
Stop eating! :p

chee: that toast can make ourselves. the photos look like u in america.
True, the toast looks very woolies. Haha, why so?

fazil: man, you update alot. jealous. love the polaroids man.
Thanks! :) Congrats on the DU convert.

Alvin: I agree with smashpop. why anyhow take also nice one?
Bu gan dang, bu gan dang.

yih khai: totally agree.. and so is HD video recording. 4GB for 20 min... illogical.

smashpOp: ei u simply take 1 foto also nice wan isit
NO LA, you think i'm like you meh.

sue-mae: wah polaroid disposable! dari mana???
Ok, Safeway. Yup, the junk corner.

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