Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Oh man I need to get home. Okay, Woolsworth, last stop. Argh I need to withdraw some money.

I need to withdraw some money.

How easy. I had an empty wallet, just a little more than $2 in my coin pocket.

I need to withdraw some money.

I didn't even give it 2 seconds of a thought. Not a stress that bothered my naive soul.

Then I saw a head held low, with those SCHWARZKOPF FORSAKEN hair, an idle being, almost moulded to the state library bench.

Something asked me to turn back, and I did. It felt weird.

Sir? Sir?

He didn't respond, almost like noone had ever called for him in his life.

I hesitantly reach out my finger, and gave his old jacket a slight poke.


I showed him what was left of my pocket, and he held his hand out slowly as I put it in his wrinkled palm.

"thank you.."


TW said...

proud of you man! that was what jesus would have done, not the woolsworth part...

Kok Ming said...

We are proud of you. Doing it with God's prompting. How come wallet empty. Never leave your wallet empty.

wei xiong said...
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