Wednesday, September 9, 2009

shameless scientist


defragment said...

ahahahhahahahahahha nice work

SOOKYEN said...

wow it's pretty hard to walk while holding the cam isn't it? is your vid cam huge? but anyway, good job then! =)

me said...

very nice xiong, looking forward to more productions!

Shannon Chow said...

Nice =) great job on it ^^

Belle said...

hahahaha.. AWESOME work... i dun suppose you were using a Nikon to record rite? if not it would be terribly heavy eh??

TseHan said...

Hi Xiong, nice work! hehe, reminds me of how thick our skins were when you wanted to take a picture of me while i crossed the road, as if a superstar was crossing. LOL. Glad its in Melbourne!

Ah Liew said...

Wow. Hahahaha I notice u had to change hands cause u got tired. Anyway the original video was wicked. He actually had to practice singing the song backward. Next project maybe?

shayne said...

hahahah genius! awesome stuff haha

742 said...

spot the couple pointing at you around 4:38... lol!

You are the man!

brodie said...

haha very nice wei wei, that takes balls man, good to know u've got some now... =p

Royston said...

nice one bro...haha!! xD

adz said...

WAHHHHH this is super awesome!! hahahahah love it!! :)

TW said...

everyone is liking it! U didnt walk in reverse, please remake:P was just wondering how the heck did they do the whole thing, and shattered pieces can form back

Louis Cheung 立邦 said...

why are you so free?

C4 said...

SWEET! Absolutely creative and thick skinned. LOL!

punkysue said...

thats some awesome shiz!

wei xiong said...

thanks! :)

erm yea i suffered the consequences the next morning. thanks! :)

hey! didn't know you visit my blog! how are you? thanks for the compliment.

Shannon Chow:

yea i was, it was pretty heavy. and i did a lot of takes. haha. thanks for watching.

hee hee.. thick skin is the way to go..

Ah Liew:
yes i had to change hands MANY times. no way man i'm not superman. I'm a one man crew most of the time. Haha. I can try a short one though, but not a 5:11 min song.

thanks shayne!

hee hee thanks! good spotting..

good to know, good to know. i needed a reminder too.

thanks roy!

haha thanks! :)

coldplay is the BOMB. check out strawberry swing.

Louis Cheung 立邦:
a person cannot switch off passion even when busy. :p

thanks ching! :)

haha thanks for watching! :)

TJ said...

Been missing you ages, cant wait for another post!

Yap said...

Weight of Nikon D90 (with battery), w: 6.894N

Angle of arm, a: approx. +15degs

Perpendicular distance, d: approx. 0.417m (cos15 = d/0.55m)

Total moment about shoulder socket: 2.875Nm*

*Eccentricity of load not taken into account

zillieman said...

maaaaaan. remember the favour i asked? i wanted to do something like this. nice one, bro.

wei xiong said...

TJ: Haha thanks! you've been a loyal "fan"!

Yap: Hmm do I know you?? You're YAP too! :)

Zillieman: REALLY? Great minds think alike.. haha..

Tan Kel Vin said...

Wicked stuff! Haha. Really liked it

wei xiong said...

Tan Kel Vin: Hee hee thanks! lovin the love here!

Ian said...

YOU'RE A LEGEND! I think I should do it in Adelaide! Get the ball moving hey? haha!

I like the last part and I was hoping you would do that! - Camera turns up to the sky!

Just classic! What equipment are you using?

Yap said...

WX: of COURSE you do, as "bean" that is =_= lol

wei xiong said...

Ian: haha thanks.. yea you should! Just the d90 man.. :)

Yap: OH HI BEAN! din noe you read my blog!

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