Thursday, October 1, 2009

we've all grown up

Memories have been coming back to me in a sudden blow, in other words, twofrontteeth has been slightly emo.

My output has always been channeled to shutter snaps, and with my weakness in words, both spoken and written, I convey these emotions through pixels.

However, studies have been a big worry lately, and it's funny how this time last year, it hasn't even been shooting down any brain cells enough to be a concern. I dearly miss those times when I was able walk around, almost carefree, noticing every minute detail of this city. In my mind, I always compare this awe-inspiring city to the famous phrase, "it's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna find".

As I was
sitting at the law library by the window, I was constantly distracted by the presence of the sun, and how it's been on milk boxes for far too long. It made the grass greener, the trees livelier, and the park was a carpet for lazy nappers. All I wanted to do was to get my film exposed to these life paintings, when I was supposed to be going through a 3-inch stack.

I have to start letting things go bit by bit, as nothing's gonna get easier. It's sad, really, but reality is walking me on a leash, and I might try, but I can't really run too far away from it!
I bring my camera out now and I'm experiencing mental blocks, or rather, sensor blocks.

So it all comes down (I guess) to unblemished, flawless time management. The good ol "work and play" cycle, being a bit more Jack-like, yet not too dull as to leave my pixelmakers to mould. So here we go, the all new weixiong v2.01, now with time management features and discipline(beta). Let's try our best and let God do the worrying! Sounds cruel but that's how much He loves me.

Sorry,, for forgetting your birthday 28 days ago. Here are some photos of weixiong v1.01.

Man I was cute.


Alvin said...

hahaha (BETA) version? cracks me up man! But yea.. come on bro. u can do it. there's so more to life than just worrying. i just really got smack in the head today with this. gosh... And all i wanna say is THANK YOU for being one of my many inspirations all these while!

Liew said...

I like this post somewhat.
Down-to-earth and real.

But guess what... Nothing's new under the sun. That's what they told me. And it's what I found to be true. What's in your mind is usually, if not always, what another has thought of.

The fact that time is linear can be bothering - it's what makes the past gone, and it's what makes you gnash over making decisions on time expenditure. Such a frus right.

But one thing I hate a lot is I am bound by the education system. I got lots to say about this, but forget it... lol.

All the best man... :)

Back to grilling on my Consolidation, Absorption and all. huu~~~

wei xiong said...

Alvin: glad to be of inspiration!

Liew: Thanks! For liking my post and for the best wishes.. Got a website of your own for me to explore?

Liew said...

Why can't I leave a comment using my own suka-suka name... I can't put "Yih Khai" or anything. argh.. lol.

And no bro. I've got no website for you to roam. But maybe I'll say not yet. Which means... There may be one coming? ;) We'll see....

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