Monday, November 23, 2009

let's wrap it up

So here's to another great ending. The semester's over, hard work's paid off. God has been SOOO good. I was just standing there looking at the Christmas deco in the city, thinking how lovely this place is. And how depressing it is that I only had 4 days to truly let go and enjoy it all.

It has been so long since I've got my finger snapping on night scenes. It's so magical, but I guess I have to do it in Malaysia. So here's what's happening, I'm having 2 weeks of placement at a sheep farm in Seymour, Victoria, coming back during the weekend. It's 98km away from the city, and apparently there's no reception there! So there goes internet, and sms-ing Alicia. You guys better take care of her!

When I finish on the 4th of December, I have to get my butt back home, pack up a storm and leave for KL on the 5th. Really wanna go all out this time as summer would not be a holiday anymore in a few years time.

As usual, the teeth is feeling emo, though it has been pretty rare this year, thankfully. Love the friends here, love the church, love the city, love my APARTMENT, omg.

Promised smashpOp some photos of my room, who knows what he's gonna do with em, but I don't know if I still have the time to do so! He might have to wait till march 2010! :p

So here's to Melbourne city, see you in a week, and then in 3 months. You have been AMAZING.


William said...

I will miss u :(

Ern Chee said...

awww tung... maybe u could cuddle his pillow when u miss him? ;)

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