Wednesday, December 2, 2009

burnt and bruised

1000 lambs last week, another 1000 this week. Drench, inject, feed selenium, punch ear tag, repeat x2000.

Since that was done yesterday, we did some fencing today. No, not those with the super cool white power ranger suits and swords. More like the ones under the hot Australian sun up on a slope (A VERY STEEP ONE), with barbed wires and annoying pokey grass seeds that get in your boots, not mentioning that other responsibility as a human fly magnet.

Since I was wearing my sexy shorts, the prickly bushes gave me some unpleasant scratches. I also pierced my elbow today with the barbed wires, found heaps of spiders and a set of snake skin, and got ugly sunburns.

Oh but I'm truly enjoying myself. Dave brings us to his occasional meetings throughout the week, like the one last night with the Rotary Club. It was good fun talking to a bunch of old blokes, funny people they are. Meal was good too. Had a talk on AIDS since 1 December is World AIDS Day.

It's amazing, the stuff we discover each day. Rabbit skulls, pepper trees (which tasted good, by the way), rabbit holes, etc.

But I can't wait till I get on that plane.

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