Friday, February 12, 2010

baiyoke sky hotel

As you guys might know, I just came back from a holiday at Bangkok, Thailand.

During our stay there, we were blessed to be able to stay at the Baiyoke Sky Hotel. The area where the hotel was was kinda dodgy, but after a while we grew into it.

Baiyoke Sky Hotel is the tallest building in Thailand, and has 88 floors altogether (like our very own KLCC). A huge market was available for our shopping pleasure right on the streets in the vicinity of the hotel.

Although we booked the cheapest room available, we were upgraded to a suite because the hotel was overbooked. We had a living room, a bedroom, a walk-in wardrobe, 2 LCD TV's, a huge toilet and a God-sent view.

I don't know why the receptionist apologised. It's not like we wanted to stay at the cheapest room so badly. No, we didn't get to live on the 84th floor, but the 35th floor ain't too shabby either. Would you check out the view from our room!

You even have breakfast in style, up on the 77th floor, or if it's full, the 82nd.


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