Sunday, March 28, 2010

ka kah! mei mei...

My cousin Eddy and his family (except for little Symphony) are in town for a holiday, and my sis and I had a great time bringing them around Victoria Market. We bought a trunk of fruits and then spontaneously decided to drive up Mount Dandenong under my less-than-satisfactory navigation.

Little Tiffy was the main star! Constantly expressing incomprehensible gibberish like ka ba mei mei takju, she drinks juice by pouring it all over her Hush Puppies shirt. "KOH! KOH!", she would exclaim, as she tries to inform her mom about how cold she's feeling.

Her supply of hype-juice never runs low, but bipolar syndromes are apparent at times. Extremely passionate about big pieces of land, be it concrete or grass, Tiffy loves watching me getting electrocuted everytime her tiny finger touches my face.

After having her first ice-cream ever. the night ended with a few kisses on Ka Kah's cheek.

That's what she calls me. :)

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