Tuesday, March 23, 2010

livin' in a good time

I was just thinking how lonely a life it would be without Facebook and Twiiter. For an international student, at least.

Yea yea, you use neither but you're fine, well you're a loner.

But think about it, with noone to share your thoughts and moods with, whether or not people actually read them, you just feel like there's someone out there.

I can't imagine the times when my dad used to study here in Melbourne, having had to write letters home and wait for days before you can read a reply.

Now, all you have to do is to update your status, and within less than 3 seconds someone comments.

Don't you feel blessed? Of all the eras to be born into, you lived to see the mobile phone and internet advance, 29" TV's reaching almost a metre thick to just merely 3cm now with gigantic LED TV's.

You got the chance to FLY when 100 years ago, it was never heard of. To be in a city as awesome as Melbourne, OMG so many things to be thankful for!

I feel extremely blessed to be alive. Just a thought.

Another reason to rejoice for being alive is that I managed a whole day without meat. I think it's my first time. I'm so hungry right now, after having salads, bread with olive oil, fried mushrooms and cheeses all day. They just DON'T FILL ME.

But I love the fact that I'm doing this for the big guy up there. The tougher the fast is, the more it reminds you of the reason behind it.

I'm preparing myself for a 7 hour prac tomorrow, and I just realised that there's no way a human being can prepare him/herself for something like that.

But let's hit the sack and get a fresh, early start tomorrow, shall we?


Kok Ming said...

As in FB, I like it. Well, will continue to pray for you.

Michelle Leong said...

Yup, u r right! be grateful!
Hope the rest of your study life is just as cheerful! ;)

Ern Ying said...

Have fun in your 7 hour prac. It would be my worst nightmare! Worse than TOFU!

Ern Chee said...

ohgosh.. ive been eating so much meat i feel so sinful... bleh...
but then its so yums! hehe..
7 hour prac to cut meat?

wei xiong said...

Kok Ming: thank you!

Michelle Leong: and you!

Ern Ying: hahaha proud of your usage of worse/worst

Ern Chee: what is it like a family reunion here?

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