Saturday, March 20, 2010

perfik saturday

Today a bunch of us woke up darn early to make ourselves believe we are healthy people.

From the muscle aches and sore thighs we're suffering with now, clearly we thought wrong. But it was my first time playing baseball (with rules omg) and it was CRAZY FUN! We played basketball and a lil bit of frisbee-ing too!

I didn't know I captured Ben grinding pepper onto his breakfast.

Alice in Wonderland at IMAX was disappointing. For me.


smashpOp said...

1. u really love coffee a lot
2. alice was dissapointing for me too

wei xiong said...

1. That is correct

2. I wan my money back

dlt2 said...

damn that's some sweet sweet sweetttttt bokeh. may i know which lens you're using for this set?

wei xiong said...

dlt2: thanks man, i was using a 50 prime

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