Wednesday, March 10, 2010

surprises when you're not looking

I had a half day on Tuesday.

I was getting to the point where I thought, this is all there is. I've covered the whole city, no more hidden nooks and corners are gonna pop out of no where anymore, I need to get out of the city to get some fresh inspiration.

However, my schedule would not allow me to do so, so I had a cuppa down at my favourite spot. I brought my camera out but after looking long and hard, I knew it was a dead end. I finished up my coffee, and I was given a key to a different world.

I've always wanted to step into that realm, through those golden doors. I posted up a photo of it a year ago.

FINALLY, an opportunity out of nowhere.

It was past the facade now, I got to experience 1932 archi-wonder from the INSIDE! With VERY limited access though.

Surprises. They hit you in the face when you're not looking. Made my day.

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