Tuesday, August 3, 2010

tasmania: leisure inn penny royal

So finally, I'm proud to show you...

Lord Chelmsford's residence!

We got our rental car upgraded, and before we could celebrate, the receptionist told us our apartment got upgraded from a 3 bedroom to a 4!

We followed the receptionist's lousy instructions, and with a misleading map in our hands, we drove to where our apartment was. WE ended up in front of this pink looking, gorgeous "mansion", if I may say. But we were in doubt. We doubled checked the room number, and sure enough, the whole thing was ours.

From the photos on the website, the apartments seem pretty average, maybe even below average, and so although I was happy, I didn't expect much. BUT, as I opened the door, I think I screamed like I just saw Jon Foreman in front of me.

I saw the TV and jumped like a baby, then the kitchen (omg the amount of appliances and crockery), then the dining table.. THEN OMG.. The rooms..

It was absolutely shocking, we were freaking happy ok.. IT WAS HUGE! And spread over 2 floors.

It was meant for 8 guests, so we had 8 plates, 8 spoons, 8 wine glasses, 8 normal glasses, 8 mugs, 8... You get the picture. We had an oven, toaster, microwave, electric frypan, heat induction stove, huge fridge, aiya EVERYTHING LA!

We even had this "courtyard" thingy in front.. And also, our own balcony, with a view like this..

There are ducks in the pond below, and at night, we always get possums visiting our balcony. Oh, and our beds were ALL heated. I don't understand why they don't put photos of this place on their website!!

Super gorgeous la okay, until today, I still haven't gotten over it yet.

And for $150 a night?

What were they thinking?


*this daisy said...

ZOMG SO PRETTY CAN CRY. hahahaha love it! and i would weep if i saw Jon Foreman in front of me la okay. :p hope you're doing well, chiong! i will be visiting next year, for shure! x

wei xiong said...

haha yea it was a really good holiday.. aiyo next year.. what is thiss......

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