Thursday, September 2, 2010

taste of melbourne

Revently, I was able to attend Taste of Melbourne, thanks to these guys.

They're the manufacturers of the fuel I run on everyday!

Yup! My coffee beans..

Other than the fact that it perks me up for lectures, I make one each morning to avoid a headahce later in the day haha.. Their cafe is tucked near my apartment, so it's easy to get my supplies! Brought my mom there once and she really liked the coffee!

Just realised I made it sound like an ad post. It's NOT haha, I just love their beans. They have good deals from time to time, like $8 beans during Con & Peter's brithday, the $1 takeaway coffees coming up soon, or Twitter giveaways! And THAT'S how I got my tickets to Taste of Melbourne.

Photo overload coming up.

Alicia and I were having a hard time picking what to eat, but here's what we ended up eating..

Libertine's Smoked duck, apple and walnut rilletes.

Koots Salle a Manger's 7-hour braised leg of lamb. So. Good.

The Palace's eye fillet with mash. Probably the best dish of the night. Heard their Wagyu burger was good too, the queue was CRAZY!

Charcoal Lane's raspberry and rosella flower cannelloni.

And lastly, Stokehouse's The Bombe. Everyone was raving about this dessert.

We also got to watch MoVida chef Frank Camorra cook up 3 dishes in 30 minutes.

One of it was this one. Don't ask me what it's called, but it's some egg, cream, truffles thingamajig.

Got this salmon thingy during the show.

And free Ben and Jerry's from a colourful VW van, what's not to like??

Unfortunately Alicia and I realised that night that we were suckers for Asian food more than we were for fine cuisine. HAHA! Dear Penang, I'm coming when you're ready for me.

Thanks, Gridlock Coffee for the tickets!

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