Tuesday, May 17, 2011

film in 4 latitudes: melbourne


I don't take many photos these days, and if I do, I try to pick up my Ricoh more than I do my Nikon. Nothing in my life now calls for 3.5 shots per second anyway. Time passes by at any pace it likes.

Love that I don't have to do anything to them, love that they never focus properly, love that they are forgiving.


missc said...
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missc said...

Lovely as usual. I've coincidentally been shooting on film too! It makes me slow down and actually think about the shot - Can't get enough! (:

Just a heads up, Ken Duncan will be speaking at Bridge Church this coming weekend. Good opportunity to invite photog friends to church

wei xiong said...

thanks carina!

would love to see some of those photos.. your pics are getting better and better!

Yeap, a friend gave me the flyer. not sure if i can make it though... :( are you from Bridge?

shu -iiiii said...

Hey, what film camera are you using? Fantastic photos by the way.

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