Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"i hate my photo being taken",

said the lady serving the coffee.

I had an off day and that's all i wanted to do. But I wanted to do it differently this time.

To me, photos are meant to document experiences, good or bad. When I dive into my hard drive, it's a time machine that makes me super emotional. Sadly, all the photos I took in 2004-2005 were lost, all due to a faulty hard drive.

So that day was my only day off in the whole semester, and I wanted to document it. Unfortunately I only made that decision after a fantastic lunch at Threefold with a dear friend.

I decided to buy a copy of THE BIG ISSUE for the first time. I have always wanted to, don't know why I never got to it.

Meet Nigel. It was his first time selling The Big Issue at Lt Collins/Swanston Sts. I didn't really have much to talk with him about, but I hope I had an impact on him that day, however tiny it may be.

Then it was off to reading it along with a cuppa.

I have been longing to go back to this place for ages, cuz it never opens on weekends and it usually closes pretty early in the 3rd hour of the afternoon.

I never do this, but I thought it'd be fantastic to have the people that made your day what it was in your photos. So I breathed a deep breath, turned back to the counter and said, "erm..... could I.... take a photo with you guys?".

This was after I took a photo with Nigel, so I already had a tiny bit of experience.

Okay, not really. It wasn't like I had any particular reason to do so. Awkward faces all around, snap snap, thank you, run!

Then it was all waist level photography. Many were rejects, but many were FANTASTIC TOO!

And this is my favourite.

On the way to uni to get some work done, I saw a crew filming at the garden on University Square. I stood there in awe of all the equipment, and how they transformed the Melbourne Uni ITC building into a full blown hospital. AMAZING. I went up to the extras and they explained to me that they were filming for "Winners and Losers", the Aussie tv series. (He also specified that it's on channel 7, looks like they're very well paid).

Looks like I'm really bad at self shots though, they all turned out blurry.

It was a good day.

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